Public Relations

Public Relations is about building public trust and preserving the reputation of a business. It is a strategic method of persuasion through carefully crafted messaging and adherence to communication psychology.

The most common method is through public statements, including press release statements. Additional examples include developing process to manage customer/public expectations through the following:

  • Crisis management from system outages
  • Change management for mergers, divestitures and staffing changes
  • Persuasion messaging to forward support for a cause or policy
  • Build condenses and brand image
  • Speech writing and coaching for executives and public figures

“Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.”


Anyone can sell an ad space, but few have mastered the at of Public Relations. Choose wisely.

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Graphic Design

Graphic designs encompasses a variety of activities within print and digital advertising. We offer custom designs to promote your personal brand and get your business noticed.

  • Print and Digital collateral (brochures, business cards, sell sheets, etc)
  • Photography for product imaging, professional portraits
  • Corporate annual/quarterly reports
  • Catalogs and promotional layout designs
  • Logo design with research
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Trade Show & Vendor Management

Trade Shows are an important part of promoting your brand. It doesn’t matter what size the show, protecting your investment is vital. This means presenting your business services in a meaningful way, tailored to the audience.

We understand both the strategic nature of the event and how critical execution of the final product is for your company. Backed by over a decade of experience, we now how to get your company noticed and keep traffic at your showcase space. We will even help with shipping, event set-up and provide professional staff to manage the event for you.

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Web Design

If you don’t have a solid web presence today then you aren’t truly serious about doing business. Over 60% of purchases and conversion occur through web media and most of customers find their vendors online. This is why having even a modest, but well thought out web presence is critical.

Our design services start at a low int-ital cost for small businesses and we provide a comprehensive approach in the design process, working with you every step of the way. Your website should act as your best sales associate 24/7/365. We can help ensure your message is clear, concise and getting results.

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