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Honest Marketing? Yes, it is possible.

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We know there are a lot of companies out there cashing in on the confusion. Too often we’ve been called in to help sort out the aftermath while the business owner is staring at big invoices for services they bought, but just don’t understand.

How do you spot the difference? Here is our run down that may help you avoid a costly headache later.

  1. SEO and All that Jargon – if they toss around a few key words like B-List celebrities at a West Hollywood After-After Party, but don’t explain the how’s and why’s of it, you might want think twice.
  2. Slim Resume – Do they offer their resume with that shiny portfolio? Pretty pictures are great and they just might be enough of a distraction to land your project, but know in advance they you will be helping them weather some of those career ‘what not to do’ events as well. Look for someone who has done a little more than something marketing related once in an old job they weren’t actually hired to do.
  3. Ask for References – References are your friends, call them! Ask them about the experience in working with the creative team and then follow up with the references experience in hiring outsource solutions. That way, you can measure their experience and how knowledgeable they are as a customer.
  4. Sexy Portfolios, More Than Skin Deep – Portfolios should include a little background on the project as well as good images. It is important to know what challenges they faced and how they overcame them because your project, no matter how perfectly planned,will have something that goes wrong.
  5. Plan Process makes perfect every time! They should be able to outline, in broad terms, what you should expect and when, from start to finish. This should include milestones and reports if it is a long project with a lot of detail. Know what you are getting at the end in the wrap-up phase, too. Do you actually own all of your content and what rights does the creative have once that final invoice is paid?