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Heroic Media Group, LLC Joins the Campaign Staff to Elect Jim Walz, Congressional Candidate for Illinois 14th District

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Cary, IL – Newly formed Heroic Media Group, LLC, a joint venture marketing communications company, has joined the team working to help elect Congressional Candidate Jim Walz to U.S. Congress, representing Illinois’ 14th District during the upcoming 2018 election.

Walz currently serves as a school board member for Warren Township High School District 121 and formally announced his candidacy on May 15 during the Kane County Progressives meeting.

“Often we see companies portend an A-political posture only to find they have donated thousands of dollars to candidates and causes that benefit themselves, not their customers,” said Heroic Media Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Kae Dickinson.

Dickinson added, “We founded Heroic on a platform of honesty, which Mr. Walz has demonstrated consistently, and, as a small business ourselves, we believe his progressive platform benefits small business and our communities. This is a way for us to live our values by using our time and talents for a positive outcome.”

Heroic Media Group will provide public relations and media support to help constituents access critical information they need about the candidate, his platform, and help coordinate events and volunteer information during the upcoming election season.

For more information about Heroic Media Group, please visit http://heroic.rocks or call their office at (312) 898-4376.

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About Heroic Media Group, LLC
Heroic Media Group, LLC (http://heroic.rocks) provides powerful business solutions for growth as a full-service marketing firm catering to small and mid-size companies. They offer strategic planning and outsourced marketing services such as social media management, public relations, image branding, and customized Adobe training.

About Jim Walz for Congress
Jim Walz (www.JimWalzforCongress.com) is a Progressive candidate running for Illinois 14th Congressional District. He has been fighting for progressive causes and working families for over a decade as a community activist and volunteer. He currently serves his community as the elected board member for the Warren Township High School District 121 School Board. He is a husband, father and working professional who values the democratic process and pledges to work to ensure the voices of community members.